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LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report 2024 Unveils Exciting Changes in the L&D Industry

The latest LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report uncovers several transformational changes reshaping organizations, learners, and the Learning & Development industry.

If you haven’t read the report yet, it is a treasure trove of insights and opportunities that can significantly enhance your L&D offerings.

I strongly recommend taking a few minutes to check it out. It’s a fast read, yet rich in deep insight regarding the challenges and opportunities L&D professionals currently face.

AI is Changing One Thing: Everything

Not surprisingly, a common theme woven throughout this year’s report is the rapid evolution of AI and the ramifications of how this powerful technology is changing the design, delivery, and consumption of learning within organizations.

As the report underscores, AI allows for delivering the right skills for the right job at the right time. It reduces the time required for course development and allows for highly personalized learning paths and coaching. It enables employees to learn what is required for their current job and future positions they may aspire to as their careers evolve.

Most importantly—as emphasized throughout the report—AI enables L&D providers with the tools required to align individual career development with organizational priorities. 

Canada is on Track to be a Global AI Leader

Governments worldwide recognize the incredible potential of AI, and Canada is at the forefront of scaling up its AI investment. With our advanced AI ecosystem, we can realize immense economic potential through innovation.

But we’ve only just begun: This month, the Canadian government announced a $2.4 billion package to bolster Canada’s AI competitiveness.

The C-Suite is Finally on Board

The report also emphasizes the need to align talent strategies with business strategies. The good news is that a growing number of corporate leaders understand this reality. In other words, the business case for learning is becoming evident as more people recognize that targeted learning improves business outcomes.

Another factor driving C-Suite decision-making in 2024 is the reality of the post-pandemic workplace. Many employees today feel isolated and are experiencing difficulties reconnecting with their teams. For these individuals, learning boosts employee connection and purpose.

For example, 7 in 10 say learning improves their sense of work connection, while 8 in 10 confirm that learning adds purpose to their work.

These factors create a strong business case for L&D professionals to participate in L&D decisions. After all, who has more expertise in designing and delivering programs that meet both corporate objectives and employee career aspirations?  

LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report 2024 Highlights a Growing Trend: Career Development has Moved to #4 in Employee Priorities

One of the 2024 LinkedIn Learning Report’s most compelling findings is how career development has become a growing employee priority. As the figures below illustrate, “Helping employees develop their careers” jumped to fourth place from ninth last year.   

Top 5 L&D Focus Areas for 2024

  1. Aligning learning programs to business goals
  2. Upskilling employees
  3. Creating a culture of learning
  4. Helping employees develop their careers (Up from 9th last year)
  5. Improving employee retention

Internal Mobility is an Opportunity to Align Organizational and Individual Goals

Increasingly, organizations are looking to internal mobility as a strategy for employee development and retention. Here again, L&D professionals have an opportunity to take the initiative. One strategy Redwood has found effective in identifying an organization’s anticipated skill gaps and recommending learning solutions that ensure employees have the skills required as demand for those skills grows.

Microlearning: Small Steps to Big Learning Gains

Microlearning has been one of Redwood’s preferred learning tools for many years. Learning delivered as snackable bites at frequent, regular intervals has been the foundation of many of our learning programs in various sectors, including finance, health, and government.

The trend is building: In 2024, 47% of L&D teams will deliver microlearning programs that align just-in-time learning goals with strategic priorities.

LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report Confirms That Human Skills Are Finally Getting the Recognition They Deserve

For several years, Redwood has championed human skills as essential to employee career progress and organizational success. Filling this critical skill gap was the driving force behind our development of GradForce Skills, a deep, interactive simulation to teach new grads and hires the nuances of achieving success through mastery of human skills.

A growing number of organizations concur. Consider the growth rates in Human Skills training from October 2022 to October 2023:

  • Interpersonal Skills:  + 73%
  • Presentation Skills:  + 64%
  • Problem Solving: + 57%
  • People Management: + 57%

As L&D providers, we are delighted to see organizations taking action to ensure employees are properly trained in all aspects of human skills. In our view, this area offers exceptional bang for your learning buck!

After 20 Years of L&D, I’ve Never Experienced a More Exciting Time

In just a few weeks, Redwood will conclude our 20th-anniversary year-long celebration of producing L&D. Who could have imagined all those years ago the incredible tools and deep insights L&D producers bring to the table in 2024?

The 2024 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report attests to our progress and gives us much to be excited about in the future!