Redwood Performance Group

A wealth of experience.

We’ve built hundreds of courses for every sector and every need—from compliance and manager programs to orientation and onboarding programs to hard and soft skills. 

We bring knowledge, skills, and experience to our client relationships.

Learning Strategy

Pivot your learning with a strategy based on ruthless relevance.

Instructional Design

Take advantage of our skilled instructional designers.


Combine modules, branching scenarios, videos, quizzes, and games for the ultimate experience.

Virtual Learning

Build learning that teaches and engages your remote workforce.


Add gamification for that extra engagement.

Blended Learning

Apply our see-think-learn-do approach to take your workshops online.


Use games to build problem solving skills and test compliance. 


Use videos, vignettes, and branching scenarios to build compliance.

Watch us demonstrate our capabilities.


Redwood designed and developed a multi-media eLearning experience in six languages for Smart Serve Ontario.


Redwood designed and developed an innovative three-tier simulation hosted on VIBE LMS for TFI’s The ASPIRE Edge.


Redwood designed and developed an experiential sales program for Weston Foods.


Redwood creates amazing explainer videos for a variety of clients, including this one for The ASPIRE Edge program.

We're more than just eLearning.

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Get to know us better.

Our Process

We demystify the eLearning design and development process.

Our Philosophy

We present our philosophy for great client relationships.

Our Ability

We highlight some of the things we can do to turn your content into gold. 

Let’s talk about the experience and creativity we bring as your full-service learning partner