Redwood Performance Group

In my last post, I talked about how “It’s not work as usual, which means it’s not learning as usual.” I outlined eight things everyone will have to consider to get learning back on track.

Today, I was reading McKinsey & Company’s executive briefing: COVID-19: Implication for Business. I liked their framing for how companies need to think and act along five horizons: resolve (immediate challenges); resilience (address revenue and expense challenges), return (create a plan to return to business); reimagination (reinvent the business for the new normal); and reform (understand that regulatory and competitive environments may change).

Once we come up for air, we will all need to think and act beyond the immediate. In that vein, here’s Redwood’s take on seven areas (the 7 Cs) where learning has a role to play:

Commitment: Keep people engaged and committed to delivering on goals.

Continuity: Get people aligned to new and tweaked company vision and goals.

Compliance: Help people understand how to comply with critical processes and standards.

Collaboration: Align people to virtual ways of working together to achieve goals.

Compassion: Increase awareness of how to communicate and manage with empathy.

Customer: Allow people to communicate better with customers.

Culture: Help organizations create a culture that works for the new normal.

Redwood has designed and built learning that touches on all 7 Cs. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.