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This one might be a wee bit controversial for people in the learning industry. After all, learning styles (how learners prefer to get their learning) has been conventional wisdom for decades. The Atlantic’s Olga Khazan has done a great job citing the research in The Myth of ‘Learning Styles’.

And there’s a lot of published research backing her up. Here’s a tidbit: “[Daniel] Willingham goes so far as to say people should stop thinking of themselves as visual, verbal, or some other kind of learner. ‘It’s not like anything terrible is going to happen to you [if you do buy into learning styles],’ he says, but there’s not any benefit to it, either. ‘Everyone is able to think in words, everyone is able to think in mental images. It’s much better to think of everyone having a toolbox of ways to think, and think to yourself, which tool is best?’” The full article is a must read.