Redwood Performance Group

I just gave a talk at an iLunch – an Interactive Ontario event with a wonderful colleague, Jeremy Friedberg, Partner at Spongelab Interactive. Here’s an overview:

Since the early 90s when “eLearning” was touted as a great revolution in learning, the term has become synonymous with point & click corporate training and drab on-line high school courses. The most innovative uses of technology in education can often be found in non-traditional educational markets: museums, not-for-profit organizations, science centres, corporate training and healthcare.

We dug into the current technologies, success, failures and market trends. The discussion also included some of the lessons learned about learner motivation, best practices to structure learning & validation, the advent of “game” in successful instructional design and examples of home-grown initiatives that has framed Ontario as a leader in digital and online learning.

Feel free to view our presentation: