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If we can’t go back to the way we were, where do we go in the future?

After two years of remote work, will office-based businesses ever go back to what they were? Will employees continue to work from home, or will most of them return to the office?

This is a hot topic right now. We’re finding many organizations foresee a post-pandemic future with a lot more flexibility. Few businesses are prepared to completely abandon the office space, yet they are listening to what many of their employees are saying and demonstrating – when given the opportunity, working from home really does work with today’s online communication, learning, and service platforms.   

Businesses are also benefiting from the increased geographical reach that working remotely provides – the opportunity to tap into a wider employee pool as well as a broader customer base. Even associations can now grow their membership by offering certification courses remotely!

Pathway to blended learning 

As a result, many organizations are heading toward a hybrid workplace where office employees can rotate in and out of offices designed for shared, short-term use spaces; and use online platforms to interact with each other and with customers remotely, no matter where they are located. 

A blended learning approach that combines online communication tools with in-person meetings is gaining ground in the learning and training arena. As our way of working has evolved, so too, must your Learning Management Systems (LMS). Today’s systems must provide an inclusive, flexible, and immersive approach to effectively manage, deliver, and measure an organization’s eLearning programs in today’s hybrid environments.

An LMS can smooth the way

A good LMS is designed to make life easier for organizations, professional associations, and educational institutions to implement training and development. We built our VIBE LMS as a scalable system to help organizations get the most out of their learning assets and expand their reach to hybrid environments. It’s all about immersive learning that’s easy to access. And it’s also about:

How we’ve helped some of our clients by leveraging our VIBE LMS

Health Care Provider

We worked with a non-profit institute recognized by the Ontario government as a “Centre of Training and Development” to implement their hybrid model. It enables practitioners to work with patients in person once a month, and over video calls in the comfort of the patient’s home throughout their care. This flexibility has greatly expanded the number of patients the institute can reach.


We provided a learning-on-the-job solution for a national Canadian retailer. We built an experiential training program that enables new employees to walk around the store with an iPad to complete training modules about the products in the store, learning how to explain features and benefits to customers. Employees find it much more immersive than back-office instruction!

Professional Association

A provincial licensing and regulating body that governs 85,000 professionals needed a more disciplined approach to compliance education. We helped them move from an optional continuing education program to a mandatory one. Our process not only improved back-office accounting for continuing education credits, but supported an engaging learning environment to change behaviours. This has resulted in greater professional satisfaction and success across the province.

Education Agency

Working with an agency set up by Canada’s financial sector, we built a fully immersive three-tier online simulation that bridges the gap between education and the workplace for post-secondary schools. Participants start the simulation in a typical graduate entry-level role in a virtual company, and work their way up to become high-impact team members and managers, gaining key skills to become job ready. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive about how intuitive and easy-to-use VIBE is, which encourages enrolment in the program.

Interested in learning more?

If you’d like to find out more about how VIBE can drive your business, please reach out to us. Our team can help you create a blended approach to learning that is best suited for your unique needs as an organization. 

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Lydia Sani