Redwood Performance Group

Summer is over, and I’m back with many exciting things to share about the changing learning landscape over the next months. Here are my three insights for today:

We’ve got to pivot. Learning has to find ways to look at the big picture of what we want to accomplish and integrate that with other parts of the business. Think of it like creating a culture of learning that’s just right for the future; a redesign vs. a repurpose.

We’ve got to innovate. Learning has to be more effective, more efficient, and more economical than ever before. And we’ve already been tasked with (and doing) that for decades. So how much more effective, efficient and economical can we get? Very!

We’ve got to overcome learner fatigue. When your workday consists of staying glued to your screen to do work and participating in meetings, where’s the passion for learning? Learning duration is shrinking because it has to. Asynchronous and synchronous is growing because it must.

Here are the topics I’ll write about in more detail over the next series of blogs (not necessarily in that order):

  1. Ruthless relevance in learning design.
  2. Putting the personal in remote learning.
  3. The emergence of VILT.
  4. Getting the right digital blend.
  5. Say hello to your new Remote Learning Director.
  6. Bring the classroom with you.
  7. How companies are accelerating how they onboard, reboot and reskill.
  8. How learning technologies are adapting.

Intrigued? I hope so. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.