Redwood Performance Group

Redwood’s tagline is learning that sticks. So we thought we’d share Kirstie Greany’s interview with Learning Psychologist, Stella Collins: HOW TO MAKE BRAIN-FRIENDLY LEARNING THAT STICKS.

Here are her six ways (and accompanying quotes):

  • L is for linking. “It’s about warming up the right set of neurons so they’re ready to receive new information.”
  • E is for emotions. “Without them, we find it hard to make decisions.”
  • A is for anchors. “Think Pavlov’s dog. It’s about creating deliberate links between two things.”
  • R is for repetition. That’s repetition. “New neuronal connections are fragile. Repetition strengthens them, and speeds them up.”
  • N is for novelty. “Because we pay attention to what’s new and ignore stuff that’s boring.”
  • S is for story. “We’ve told them forever. They feature all the other letters.”