Redwood Performance Group

I’ve been writing a lot about what the new normal means for learning and businesses. I’ve been able to approach it from two perspectives: learning and the business. After all, Redwood is a learning business.

I’ve been listening to clients, reading a lot, attending webinars, and participating in conversations with The Masie Centre on the changing learning landscape and marketplace. I’m also the Vice-Chair of Interactive Ontario, so I hear about what’s happening in the Interactive Digital Media industry in Ontario. I’ll write about digital media and learning in another blog.

I promised to share two things that excite me the most about learning in the new normal. I had to think about it because there’s honestly a lot going on. I could go on for hours on that topic alone, but here are my two choices for what is making me jump with joy:

The new normal is pushing limits and encouraging risk-taking. Even though it’s a creative industry, learning has often been risk-averse. I don’t mean we haven’t put out great learning experiences. I mean, we need to take advantage of the latest technologies and methodologies. We can take risks and push the limits of creativity, and once we reach that limit, push again.

The new normal is solidifying the need for continuous push learning. We’ve been talking for decades about the care and feeding of people’s learning experiences. But then we have them complete a half-hour module and then ghost them for months. People need to be engaged, and learning has a role to play in reaching people who are no longer in a traditional office environment. We focus on new ways of learning for critical information that also includes continuous reinforcements and updates to keep things fresh and up-to-date. In other words, don’t go digital, be digital.

My next blog will be about the one thing that is always a constant in learning. Can you guess? You’ll find out if you’re right in two weeks. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.